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GPSO E-Newsletter: January 16, 2014

In this Issue:

Upcoming GPSO Events: CDC Workshop, Grad House Café, Assembly, Social Hour

Nominations Open: GPSO Executive Committee

Service Opportunity: GPSO Awards Committee

Internship Available: Office of Sustainability

Survey: Green Rental Housing Project

GPSO plans your weekend!

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Upcoming GPSO Events

Career Development Workshop - Wednesday, January 22

Led by Jan Van Dyke of the IU Career Development Center, part three of our three-part series is titled "Preparing for the Job Interview: The Importance of Strong Interpersonal Skills." This event will begin at 6:30 on January 22 in the Career Development Center and features mock interview scenarios and tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Check out our Facebook event for more information.


Grad House Café - Thursday, January 23

Stop by the Grad House (803 E. 8th Street) between 8:30 and 10:30am on Thursday, January 23, for FREE coffee and Bloomington Bagels. Check out our Facebook event for directions.

Save a tree, and bring a mug, if possible!


Assembly and Social Hour - Friday, January 24

The first GPSO Assembly will take place at 3:30 on January 24 in Woodburn Hall 100.

At this meeting, nominations will close for GPSO Executive Committee 2014-2015 elections, and the first vote will take place. Please feel free to meet our prospective leadership for next year!

We will follow up with a January social hour at The Vid with free Aver's Pizza from 7-9pm. Please RSVP via Facebook to help us have plenty of food!

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Nominations Open: GPSO Executive Committee

Debbie Machalow, GPSO Parliamentarian

It is almost time to elect the GPSO Executive Committee for the 2014–2015 academic year!

The nomination docket will close at our January 24 meeting, when the ballots will be cast.  Current GPSO representatives can nominate themselves, other representatives, current officers, or other eligible graduate/professional students.

To be eligible, a candidate must be a currently-enrolled graduate or professional student in a degree-granting program at IUB.  The term lasts from May 1st until April 30th the following year. Representatives who seek election and win must resign their Assembly seats upon taking office on the Executive Committee. 

Nominations will also be accepted via email.

Please contact with any questions about the nomination and election process.

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Service Opportunity: GPSO Awards Committee

Each spring, GPSO awards grants to IU graduate and professional students who are traveling to present research or participate in extraordinary professional opportunities. These awards are very competitive and the applications are peer-reviewed by IU students on the GPSO Awards Committee.

We welcome you to join the GPSO Awards Committee and review grant applications this semester, improving your own grant-writing skills and distinguishing yourself on the job market by performing valuable professional service for Indiana University. The time committment is approximately 3-5 hours via distance (online, email-based).

Interested students should complete this brief application to join the GPSO Awards Committee. Students who are members of the Awards Committee are ineligible to receive awards during their tenure, but the experience provides invaluable insight into any future applications they may submit after their service.

Please visit GPSO Travel Awards to learn more about the travel award. If you have any questions or would like more information about being a reviewer, please email Josh de Leeuw, GPSO Awards Officer, at

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Internship Available: Office of Sustainability

The IU Office of Sustainability is now accepting applications for the Summer 2014 Internship Program in Sustainability.

*Applications accepted until 11:59 pm on Friday, February 14; 
We strongly encourage you to login here by Feb. 3 to send your recommendation request. 

Visit for more info or click here to apply

For details on the program, please attend one of two information sessions

  • Friday, Jan. 17 at E-House (704 E. 10th St.) from 1:00-2:00pm
  • Thursday, Jan. 23 at SPEA 273 from 5:30-6:30pm. 

The Summer Internship in Sustainability utilizes campus as a living-learning lab, enlisting students as researchers in investigating questions facing our community, such as: How do the ways in which our campus operates and consumes resources affect the social, environmental and economic well being of our community? How is our campus impact connected to more complicated global issues like climate change, resource scarcity and poverty? What opportunities do we have as individuals, institutions, communities, and governments to increase collective social and economic health? How do we best communicate these opportunities? How will we adapt and ensure all people have the ability to thrive in response to dynamic climate conditions and limitations on resources?

We have 10 open positions, which are outlined below. 

Office of Sustainability Internship Positions

The Office of Sustainability is hiring ten new interns through the Summer Internship Program in Sustainability, two mentored by IUOS and seven by CSAB. The final position will be with the IU Health Center. 

Internships Mentored through the Office of Sustainability

Internships Mentored through the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board

Consultancy Corps Positions
The IUOS is hiring one student intern through a new program called Consultancy Corps. Students hired through this program serve with an on campus unit to green their operations, but do not participate in the full internship seminar. 

Find out more online.

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Survey: Green Rental Housing Project

The Office of Sustainability and the City of Bloomington are working on a Green Rental Housing Project to get better information on energy use, and is looking for anyone who pays a utility bill to add their info. Very simple and quick. Please see link: 

Students can upload data here anytime. 

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GPSO plans your weekend!

January 17 - 19:

  • January 17, 9pm: "Who's Bad" Michael Jackson Tribute (Bluebird, $7)
  • January 18, 5-8pm: Gallery Walk - "I Thought I'd Remember" (Blueline Gallery, free)
  • January 15, 1-5pm: Mirror Mysteries: Science of Reflection (WonderLab, free with admission)

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Check out the ongoing exhibits featured in the sidebar or visit and for the full on- and off-campus scoop.


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Go have some fun!

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